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Poland market expansion by "Buki"

Recently team Tutors of Ukraine -"BUKI" visited infoShare conference in Gdansk (Poland). This is one of the largest IT and startup activities in Europe, which this year brought together more than 5,000 participants. The main purpose of the trip was tested business model, search for partners and investors to enter the Polish market, and this event as the best suited for this. We were able to communicate and register for the program to several Polish incubators receive comments, suggestions and contact investors operating in this niche and, most importantly, find some stakeholders who are willing to work together on a project on the Polish market. In addition, we were able to get into the top 30 projects of the competition with more than 100 submitted. It was an incredible conference - full of knowledge, emotions, ideas and new contacts for future growth. But this trip would not be possible without the financial and ideological support Zakhar Dikhtyar - one of the founders of California in Ukraine. He not only financed our trip, but also suggested the idea of ​​a trip to Poland where we discussed model with the target audience, and we are very, very grateful! :))