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Oleg Serbin

Director of the M. Maksymovych Scientific Library of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Teaches "Informational analytic and synthetic processing" at the University, and is a grandmaster of information management, the ability to determine the relevance and the level of, so called, informational noise; the ability to work with electronic resources and make an informational search.

I am the author of more than one hundred publications, dedicated to the problems of information systemization, search and organizing. I investigated the usage of different information retrieval languages in web-oriented space. The particular part of my science-research work is dealt with the problem of information classification in the context of library e-catalog establishment. Moreover I investigate the processes of information resources indexing for their further search and for providing the high level information issue thereby minimizing the information noise. All these research work allowed me to receive the science degree, academic title; won Grant and the scholarship of National Academy of Science presidium and the scholarship. My knowledge I'm actively implement in my work and share it with students.