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California in Ukraine Manifesto

Romantic and idealistic founders of California in Ukraine and our host Kiev National University and Ukraine's oldest Library know that Friendship, Love, Sun and Waves are FREE. So should be human solidarity, sharing, caring, helping each other: FREE.

We invite you to the very first in Ukraine FREE tech startup community, with FREE courses, FREE lectures, FREE seminars and FREE help from the most successful entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world (free to our residents, and very cheap to the guests.)

We want to help you build BUSINESS, not just talk about strategy, design, focus, etc. We want to help you with education.

Welcome to California in Ukraine!

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California Dreaming

Our TEAM and RESIDENTS are dreaming of a sunnier (but stormier!) tomorrow!
We want action! We want hard work! We want fun!
We want young, brilliant entrepreneurs, who want to learn, but mostly want to build, grow, achieve, succeed!
We will help you, friends. Friendship is FREE.


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Oct. 05 19:00
Legal features of game projects and game development The master class, you will learn about the following: • The video game as the object of intellectual property • gamification your projects. Legal aspects. • The agreement with the publishers - who wins? • In-game relationship Speaker - Yuri Dokiychuk - Lawyer in Legal IT group Legally accompanies a game studios and indie developers. Solo mid, 5 brunches and tango. Does the contract of supply of drones and actively writes code in the legal-game tech project. In general, will not be bored. REGISTER
Sept. 30 18:30
How to turn a hobby into a profitable business? California in Ukraine invites you on September 30 at 18:30 at the master class from our partner "Academy entrepreneur" The master class will have no theory that can be easily found to Google! Only personal experience. Let's talk about: - Customers. Where to look for them, than to attract and how to keep? - Prices. How to determine the value of their work and how to sell more? - Packaging. Why create a brand and how much you need to spend on it? Our schedule: 18:30 - 19:00 - Registration, dating, socializing, business games 19:00 - 21:00 - Workshop Anna Tsukanova 21:00 - 21:30 - Informal communication Organizing fee: UAH150. REGISTER
Sept. 21 18:30
Open dialogue vith Stas Hirman Stas Khirman, SVOD cochair, TEC VENTURES managing partner, will visit California in Ukraine during his several days in Ukraine to share outstanding experience and communicate with you. We will talk about: - Silicon Valley; - Cross borders investments; - Startup storytelling; - etc. About our guest: Stas is a Managing Partner of TEC Ventures, an early stage technology venture fund, based in the Silicon Valley, and a founder of TEC Club, a network of thousands of high-tech professionals, investors and angels from all over the world, with the headquarters in the Silicon Valley. Stas is a Co-Chairman of SVOD Conference , a premier conference for entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world. Also, Stas is a Board Member of AmBAR – the largest American Business Association of Eastern-European and Eurasian professionals in the world. Following the acquisition of his latest startup ChooChee by Deutsche Telekom, Stas served as CTO of Deutsche Telekom Hosted Business Services. Prior to co-founding ChooChee, Stas was a Co-Founder of Skyrider, a revolutionary company developing technologies to organize & monetize peer-to-peer networks. Stas co-founded Narus, a global leader in software and technology for telecom industry and government agencies, where he helped design the world’s most scalable network transaction analysis system. Narus was acquired by The Boeing Company. Stas also served as the networking group leader at VDOnet, a pioneer in internet video. VDOnet was acquired by Citrix. Over the years, Stas has consulted and coached over 1,000 businesses on strategy, business development, and venture financing. Stas holds a Master’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Kiev. REGISTER
Sept. 19 19:00
Online conference with a businessman from California Work hard on your startup? Help is needed? We are looking for practical advice? 19 September get in touch California, to share tips and experiences. Our speaker Alex Skutin: - Talk about their projects, successes and failures; - Give practical advices on all stages of a startup; - Answer your questions about startups and work in California. About the speaker: Alex Skutin - entrepreneur, PhD (Technical Science). Senior Software Architect in AnchorFree, Inc. - The world's largest platform for Internet security and privacy. Co-founder in Jelastic - the world's first PaaS which integrates IaaS flexibility and ease of use the PaaS, revealing the full potential of cloud computing for developers, hosting companies, OEM providers and large organizations. CoFounder REGISTER
Aug. 23 18:30
Business negotiation without mistakes + business meeting game The master class, you will learn about the following: - How to negotiate trade credit and discounts? - How to provide discounts to customers and stay with them in good terms? - And most importantly - an error that impede be an effective negotiator. Show cases from personal Speaker experience! About our speaker: Alex Perekrestov is a business coach, consultant. He has experience in the Ukrainian, Russian and European trade and industrial companies for over 20 years. Best National Manager for B2B sales in 2005; expert in negotiating with the experience of obtaining trade credit in China. REGISTER

State News

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Unofficial opening California in Ukraine And so it happened - Californian star lit up in Ukraine! May 11 held an alpha launch of our innovative project "California in Ukraine"! Now we can safely say that we have started and are open to cooperation. Surfboard already on the water - we are ready to create a community initiative and motivated people who want to develop an innovative business in our country. We would like to say THANK YOU to all who looked to us for predotkrytie and helped win the first wave! Special thanks to the speakers who supported the "California in Ukraine"! <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Details
Poland market expansion by "Buki" Recently team Tutors of Ukraine -"BUKI" visited infoShare conference in Gdansk (Poland). This is one of the largest IT and startup activities in Europe, which this year brought together more than 5,000 participants. The main purpose of the trip was tested business model, search for partners and investors to enter the Polish market, and this event as the best suited for this. We were able to communicate and register for the program to several Polish incubators receive comments, suggestions and contact investors operating in this niche and, most importantly, find some stakeholders who are willing to work together on a project on the Polish market. In addition, we were able to get into the top 30 projects of the competition with more than 100 submitted. It was an incredible conference - full of knowledge, emotions, ideas and new contacts for future growth. But this trip would not be possible without the financial and ideological support Zakhar Dikhtyar - one of the founders of California in Ukraine. He not only financed our trip, but also suggested the idea of ​​a trip to Poland where we discussed model with the target audience, and we are very, very grateful! :)) Details


The Board of Directors
Igor Shoifot Chairman, California in Ukraine. Partner, TMT Investments About
Taras Kirichenko Chairman of Management Board of “PRAVEX-BANK” PJSCCB About
Maxim Plahtiy Co-founder, About
Oleg Serbin Director of the Scientific Library of Kiev National University About
Zakhar Dikhtyar Co-founder ООО "Э-КОМ" (ТМ EXITE) About
Vitalii Cherniuk General Director of Kiev National University Science Park About

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